Learning Management Systems (LMS)

In the ‘real world’, we believe, everyone is constantly learning. Lifelong learning and development is the norm being adopted and we understand its business implications within organizations. Our solutions are secure, reliable, scalable, and centralized with the aim to enable employee onboarding, learning and development. We offer multi-lingual support to accommodate global audiences as well.
Our online learning solution offered through a simple, yet powerful LMS platform is ideal for today’s learners who are self directed and conscious of their learning styles and career development goals. They allow for easy and convenient tracking of learning progress using innovative tools and personalized tracking mechanisms for students and trainers alike.
Our self-serve courses come equipped with tools that show you at a glance who has learned what using our integrated reporting system. Our platform also offers capabilities for learner interaction through online chat, discussion forums, a intuitive interface, wikis, and messaging to encourage communication and knowledge sharing across the organization.
Self-paced new employee orientation programs and onboarding training can now be easily delivered effectively and efficiently. Our learning solutions can also be used to ramp up existing staff with latest certifications and credentials relevant to their areas of specialization.
Progress Tracking
Our solutions have built in surveys and quizzes to track learning progress and assimilation of knowledge providing a measurable impact of the organizational learning initiatives and investment. Our systems also come equipped with reminders and progress trackers that are personalized for maximizing support to unique learner needs.
Impact Measures
We have the capability to track user satisfaction and feedback to ensure all learning objectives and learner expectations are being met.
Alignment of Learning Objectives with Business Goals
We have measures in place to track the impact of learning in actual business terms - employee retention; satisfaction; and skill development.