Enterprise Business Intelligence

While organizations are faced with tough decision all the time, a fast changing business environment demands agile decision making process. Business leaders are faced with the challenge of making high impact decisions in a timely manner, most suited to the interests of all stakeholders.
Addo’s Business Intelligence solutions are designed to provide you with accurate and data driven analysis that will enable you to:
  • Query disparate data sources and generate reports offering business insights that are most relevant to your needs
  • Provide you a bird’s eye view of your business through the analysis of real time multidimensional data using cutting edge tools and techniques.
  • Create dashboards to visualize and understand results of complex operations
  • Develop performance scorecards measuring alignment of targets and goals with organizational strategy
  • Utilize public cloud deployments and browser based front ends to expand Business Intelligence applications.
Built on open technologies, our solutions are cost effective and robust, are custom built to meet your unique BI needs, and as future proof as they come.